Which Is Better Option To start With? Easy Guide for Beginners!!!


Fitness is an important aspect that can be proven helpful in maintaining your body shape as well as refraining yourself from several health issues.

With millions of people getting aware of fitness, the criterion of fitness has broadened in a magnificent way.

Fitness is now divided into two mainstream cardio and weight. However, people are confused about which one is better option to opt first if you are a beginner into fitness.

Another dilemma that people are bothered with is cardio before or after weights when you are a beginner to the realm of fitness. To know better details continue reading the article until the end.


Cardio first or weight first

One should have a goal to achieve when willing to get started with fitness majorly. It’s a better option for you to have a glance at the details mentioned below regarding the aspect of weight training and cardio practice.

Starting with weightlifting

In your daily regime, you need to get started with a fitness regime, mainly with high power energy. If you practice weightlifting at first, then it would be a nicer option as you would be having energy for an intense workout.

If you have a goal to get started with the lean body, then it would be a better option for you to start with cardio rather than weight. So cardio vs. weight first would be convenient for beginners for muscle gain.

The bottom line

In the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact that it is completely dependent on the goal that one is working for.

People who are willing to lose weight should go for the cardio first as when drafting the difference between cardio and weights first; it is proven helpful for getting rid of fat rapidly.

However, who has the motive of weight or muscle gain should focus mainly on weight training first. Hence, it is majorly dependent on one’s body type.


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