Rebecca In Paris – Day Five

On Sunday I headed back to Maison et Objet for another full day at the show, but this time I was decorated with the Orange Necklace of Press Privileges – what a difference that made!  There were still a few vendors who didn’t permit photos, but most were very accommodating “pour la presse.”  Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a vicarious whirlwind tour through Maison et Objet 2010!
I loved this whimsical mismatched table grouping at the BMG Creations booth:
day 5 01
Mixing the chair finishes and upholstery fabrics was so fresh and fun – and a perfect solution for those times when clients just can’t narrow down fabric choices!  You can learn more about BMG Creations’ line of tableware at
More ribbon details caught my eye today, this time with a more contemporary feel — brown velvet ribbons on creamy ivory fabric from the innovative Italian fabric house of Siola Alois.  Wouldn’t this make fabulous drapery panels in a contemporary living room with sleek, brown velvet upholstery?  You can find Siola Alois online at
day 5 02
Next, drapery trims got a Space Age treatment at Passementeries Ile de France.  Look how they trimmed out the stools in their booth with rope cord, rosettes and tassels:
day 5 03
Passementeries Ile de France had a broad range of mostly traditional trimmings in a rainbow of delicious colorways.  You can find them online at
day 5 04
While we’re on the subject of passementerie, I have to show you this dainty tieback from Tessitura di Rovezzano, a fabric and trim company from Florence, Italy.  It’s like a dainty double-strand choker necklace made of blossoms:
day 5 05
We saw some beautiful tooled leathers displayed by the Parisian company Cuirs Tassin:
day 5 06day 5 07
I love the birds!!  Cuirs Tassin can do custom colors and indicated that they are willing to work directly with designers from the States.  You can find them at
Donati is an Italian fabric company we saw at M&O that is not yet represented in the States.  I loved their detailed cactus-embroidered fabric , shown here upholstered to the back wall of their booth:
day 5 08
Donati also has sumptuous wool fabrics, including a line of readymade throws and this reversible ivory and gray snowflake fabric.
day 5 09
Another fabric line that stole my heart at M&O was this flirty, lighthearted array of French prints from Lalie.  I had the opportunity to chat with the designer at this booth and was delighted to learn that Lalie will be represented in the States in the near future by Grizzel & Mann in Atlanta.
day 5 10day 5 11
Moving on, I have to show you some of the coolest non-traditional wallcoverings from Tracy Kendall.  The three-dimensional paper on the left is made of torn and folded white paper.  The one in the middle is embroidered with lines from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the one on the right is comprised of thousands of individual jigsaw puzzle pieces attached with a tag gun.
day 5 12
At the Fabricut booth, I got to preview the new Barry Dixon line even before the U.S. sales reps have had a chance to see it (eat your hearts out!).  Aisle after aisle, the exhibit halls were packed with so many visual feasts that we began to get sensory overload after a few hours.  We saw some playful contemporary light fixtures from the German company anthologie QUARTETT, like this upside-down umbrella fixture:
day 5 13
Volevatch Paris had a large booth displaying their sleek, elegant bath fixtures.  My favorite was this prototype for a vanity faucet with bird handles in an unusual blackened silver finish.  The attention to detail is amazing.
day 5 14
As far as overall color trends go, purple was everywhere at Maison et Objet 2010, especially smoky plums and deep eggplants in combination with taupe and gray.  I predict that, within a few years, purple will become the New Orange in the U.S. – the color no one wanted that suddenly we can’t get enough of.
day 5 15
Here’s more purple at the James Brindley booth,
day 5 16…and still more purple at Stepevi, a luxe contemporary carpet-maker from Istanbul (available in NYC and in Delray Beach, Florida).
day 5 17
Later on Sunday evening, just in case we hadn’t seen enough at the show, Susan and Deb arranged for our group to enjoy a private presentation of the new fabrics and wallcoverings from Jakob Schlaepfer at their showroom in the Marais.  Jakob Schlaepfer is a Swiss company that is best known for supplying “industrial hand-made” fabrics to edgy couturiers such as Marc Jacobs, Blanc de Chine and Jean Paul Gaultier, but they’ve only been in the interiors market for two years.  We were honored and privileged that Creative Director Martin Leuthold himself took the time to show us his favorite new fabrics, such as this one comprised of two layers of different colored polyester chiffon sandwiched with an inner layer of aluminum foil and bonded together.  The result is a fabric unlike any other I’ve ever seen, that can be scrunched and sculpted by hand over and over again.
day 5 18
 After wrapping up at the Jakob Schlaepfer showroom, we headed down the street to a little restaurant called Robert et Louise for dinner, where we crowded around a family-style table in the cellar and savored the plat du jour, a bœuf bourguignon stew that just melted in my mouth.  I liked the funky iron sconces on the stone cellar walls of this restaurant:
day 5 19
Well, I know it’s a long shot since I’ve been so long-winded, but just in case any of you are still reading this, au revoir et bonne nuit!

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  1. Beautiful photos and love your writing style! It makes us feel like we are right there with you. Sounds like a dream trip, and thank you for sharing. Thank you too Helser Bros.

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